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About Company

Areas of distinction, and what this means to you.

1. Clear and straightforward, right from the start.

“If it sounds too good to be true” the saying goes, “…then it probably is.” We don’t waste time on loss leaders or illusory advertising tactics. When you do a transaction with us, you’ll know the costs, rates and fees right from the beginning and continually be updated throughout the process. You have enough to worry about in purchasing a new home and no time to waste wondering if things are going to change drastically at some point during the transaction.

2. Consultative approach. (Pushback included.)

As senior loan advisors, we will challenge you as a borrower if we believe that what you are asking for is not in your best interest and not in synch with your stated goals. Even if this means directing you to another bank if we cannot offer something that meets your needs. Ultimately, we value the long term relationship and trust over the individual deal.

3. Options in product, programs, and underwriting.

As a mortgage banker/broker, we have the luxury of working with 65+ lenders and investors to find the right loan, product and pricing – for you. While some people have a straight forward application, for others, “life happens” and need a bit an alternate way to review the file. This is why being a Banker/Broker is such a powerful option for you; one application with potentially dozens of options.

4. "Keys On Time."  Priority closing.

Purchasing a home comes with its own set of stressors and for most people, the loan cannot close fast enough. Ask me about how you can leverage the “Keys On Time,” program, which is our commitment and guarantee that the loan will close on time.

5. San Francisco Bay Area Know-How.

With decades of experience in lending in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re fully competent with the local issues; Sewer Laterals, TICs, Condo Conversions, Lofts, Live-Work, and the list goes on. We have the resources and solutions all lined up, so if you have a need, we’re ready to go.

Is Guarantee Mortgage right for you?

The only way you’ll ever know is to “kick the tires” and see what we have to offer. Call me at 1-415-345-4375 or email me to request a free consultation. This typically takes between 10 and 25 minutes.  Time well spent.