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Purchasing an Investment Property

Becoming a real estate investor.

You've done well with real estate.  You bought low, made your payments and watched your property apprecaite nicely.  Now, you'd like to explore broadening your holdings and becoming a real estate investor. 

While there are many similarities in owning a primary residence and an investment property, the later demands an increased level of responsiblity and know how.  Since it's a much more sophisticated transaction, lenders naturally demand more from you.  Things like a higher down payment, credit score, and ability to pay.

I can help.   The first place we begin is with your goals.  Will this be a long term hold or just temporary ownership while you prepare the property so you can sell for a profit? 

Whatever your intent, I will work with you and your accountant, financial planner and other professionals to outline a plan that works.

What to consider when financing an investment property.

Because owing an investmnet property requires more responsibility, the process can seem even more daunting and overwhelming than buying a primary residence. I tell my clients to think of each investment property as its own small business.  It needs to generate income. And from this, you pay expenses. You need to know your tax obligations and be prepared to maintain the property so that it is always available to rent.

Some of the very basic questions which need to be thought through when getting started include;

  • Vesting and how you will hold title
  • Cross collateralization
  • Leveraging equity in your current residence
  • Tax ramifications - what needs to be discussed with your CPA
  • Source of down payment
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Email me to schedule an appointment or call at 1-415-345-4375 if you would like to dig into this further and we will help get your to do list going so that you can begin exploring whether owing an investment property is right for you.

Pick my brain.  Run the numbers. Uncover your options.

I know what it takes to close investment loans for homebuyers in many various scenarios.  I'll help you dig through this and help to see what might be available.  And, if this makes sense, then taking it to the next level by preparing you to make an offer that cannot be refused. 

Real Estate, like life, rewards those who are prepared.  Begin your search now.

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Begin now if you think you are ready.

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