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Purchasing a Vacation Home

Wondering about a Second or Vacation Home? Here's some things to consider.

The great part about living in California, especially Nor Cal is that there so many incredible ways to spend your time off...  Skiing in Tahoe, Fishing in Truckee, a summer home on the beach in Monterey, or spending time in Sonoma.  The list is endless.  Good times spent with family and friends.  Priceless memories.  But, does it make sense and is it affordable?

What does it take financially to own a Second Home?  

If you are like most people, the thought of purchasing a Second or Vacation home can be both thrilling and frightening.  Thoughts of how to fund the down payment, sorting through mortgage programs trying to minimize your cash flow, and wondering if you can really afford it all weigh on your mind.  Take a deep breath, relax and lets talk, develop a strategy to make this work in the best possible way for you.  A way that puts you at ease.

In the meantime, you can certianly get a head start by checking my mortgage calculators to get a rough sense of payments, or email me, and I'll be glad to tell you what you need to be approved to buy the  vacation home and walk you through the guidelines for a second home purchase. You can download my moblie app and be ready to calculate loan payments anytime, anywhere.

Mortgage guidelines:  How will lenders view your Second Home?

Considerations when buying a Vacation or Second Home include the following;

  • The distance of your current home from the potential Vacation home.  Different lenders have different rules in order to qualify for the best rates and programs.
  • Will you be renting this out when you are not vacationing in it? If so, how often? This is also an important topic to be covered with your accountant or CPA.

Scheduling a consultation with me can help get a sense of what else might be important in consideration of the purchase, so that you are fully prepared going in.

Dig into your options. Get answers to your questions, uncover strategies to make the dream a reality.

I'm fortunate enough to be here, working for a banker/broker who can offer hundreds of programs from many dozens of lenders and investors in order to find a way to make this happen for our clients.  Let me share our portfolio of alternatives with you.

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