Things to think about if you are buying a home then selling your current property.

So, you've bought your home some time ago, it has appreciated nicely and you're thinking about moving up. But, because of circumstances, whether it be work related, finances or inventory in your desired area, you need to buy first, then sell your current home. But, the down payment is locked-up in the equity of the current home.

Kind of a Chicken-and-Egg situation. Fortunately, we've been thru this before and there are options available to you.  But the key thing is to be proactive.  As a move-up buyer, your now entering into a more advanced and sophisticated level of real estate ownership and the forces at work demand you be ahead of the curve in your thinking;  knowing your financial situation and ability to qualify, clear on your goals and having a clear and actionable game plan.

This is where we come in. 

Understand your options. Knowledge is power.

As most of us are all to painfully aware, the competition for home buyers in California, and especially Nor Cal is especailly competitive. And, if you want to purchase your next dream home, you must have a game plan and be thoroughly prepared.

By working together early, I'll help you with financial strategies which will enable you to confidently move forward and put your full focus on the new, move-up home.

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