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Your Credit Score

Why your credit score is important to the mortgage process

When lenders "run" your credit score, they are actually pulling credit information on you from three credit agencies; Tansunion, Equifax and Experian. These bureaus provide the lender with detail about your credit history and a score that generally ranges from the low 300s to the high 800s, the higher of which is better for you.  The lender then uses the mid of the three scores to underwrite and price your loan.

Because the credit score is such a critical component to the loan approval process it is critical that you fully understand your credit scores and the accuracy in which these are reported to avoid any frustrating pot holes during your home purchase or refinance process.

When in doubt, work with me ahead of time to ensure all is well and there won't be any suprises as your home search becomes more serious.

Free information on credit scores so that you can be fully informed and prepared:

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